I need to fence

to keep things in,

bouncing off the edges of my brain.


Expanding the mind,

twisting turning of time,

Work hidden until it is fine.


I need a fence,

or maybe I just want

to finish to face to the world.

If I complete it now

If I could just figure out how…


I said,

in a whisper

that I didn’t know what to do.

I said,

in a firm voice

that all I wanted was a choice.

I said while I was yelling,

that I knew exactly what to do.

I said, it over and over.

but really,

it has always been up to you.


is the misery of the mundane.


Casting about in creation of all

glances toward the under and over

Bringing a look of spring.


A shadow to know

A breeze to feel

A hint to think



of a special place.


aside and let it go by

forward to meet

what is coming soon.

Step high and never meet

what can seldom be changed.

Step…because the alternative

is not what is meant to be.